Our Story

Seashell is for those who appreciate the beauty of the world around us, who like to push boundaries and challenge themselves.

We provide outerwear which boasts both effectiveness and style, while simultaneously inspiring more people to jump beyond their comfort zone amongst an ever-growing community.

The Most Versatile & Stylish Robe

We launched in July 2021 with our range of best-selling outdoor changing robes.
We're extremely proud of this product. Our robes are durable and warm, with special attention to detail that we're sure you'll appreciate.

Trusted by Professional Athletes

With over 95 thousand followers, Sheli is one of the UK's leading Crossfit/Olympic weightlifting athletes.

Maximum Performance Guarantee

Since lauching we have constantly improved the quality & performance of our changing robe.

Seashell's mission is to always produce the best possible product, providing you with peace of mind that your robe will last for years to come.