Our Community

We go further than just selling a product.

When you invest in Seashell you are supporting a community of people who believe in adventure, with a love for the outdoors.

We are passionate about encouraging more people to explore what's on their doorstop, and offer community meet-ups, sporting, and social events which allow them to try something new.


Weekly Swims & challenges

Seashell host a monthly swim every Saturday in our home in the North East of Scotland - Aberdeen!Too far?

We also announce regular challenges and competitions on social media so you can get involved yourself.


Fun Nights

What else brings people together more than game nights and food?

Volleyball, Rounders, Paddle Boarding and BBQ nights are all things we used to love as kids, so why stop?

Find out when our next fun night is & join us below.


UK Fitness Events

We're outdoor enthusiasts, with a love for crossfit events, swimming races and obstacle course challenges.

Seashell team up with some of the UK's leading fitness event companies to bring our kit to you!

Including names such as Beast Race, Lochness 24, WOD on the Loch, and MacTuff.