Calum Crawley

Calum launched Seashell in January 2021. His idea? To create an outdoor clothing brand with a main focus on bringing like-minded people together for the love of the water.

Fed up with the heavily branded competition on the market, Calum set out to create a range of products that were not only highly functional but were subtle in style.

Coralie Dee Arthur

Coralie was involved in Seashell long before she became a partner in January 2022, witnessing first-hand where the direction of Seashell was headed and how much it resonated with her own values.

Alongside Seashell, Coralie is an elite cyclist, coach and outdoor swimmer.
Coralie manages our social media presence and continues to grow the Seashell community.

Avril Crawley

Avril officially joined Seashell in June 2022 but has been involved in Seashell's journey from the beginning.

Avril assists in logistics & operations, while supporting customers' needs from around the world.

David Brown

David Brown knew Calum growing up, and 11 months after the initial idea, he became the company's first investor.

Having lived in 4 continents developing a wealth of experience within various industries, David immediately saw the vision and has helped to build the Seashell brand.